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This site is intended to display the work of Susan Kosharek. Sue is the Mom of 3 teenagers(!) and designs these wonderful works in her spare time(?!).

Belief Statement

I love art, all kinds of art. Having it in my life has benefited me in countless ways. I want to spread, and appreciate art as far and as often as I can. I believe that to each individual, art is personal, and therefore should be respected. While I might not prefer one person’s art; I acknowledge that I can learn from it. I believe that you never walk away from a piece of art untouched, no matter how briefly.

Artist Statement

I like to create art that amuses and inspires in one way or another. It is important to me to recycle and conserve (a habit instilled in me since childhood). I often use “found” items. It may be something I find at a yard sale or a flea market or an odd twig I find on the ground. When I am working, there are no rules, I will mix media whenever I wan or need to. I will use an item for an unintended purpose! Producing art should bring you to a place where ideas can be tested and growth can occur. The process should not be stressful. Ideally it would be a place that not only relieves stress but dares to refresh. Art should broaden your world.
Artist Story

Several years ago when a neighbor moved (as happens fairly regularly in our neighborhood) an unexpected spark hit me.

We were at the park that day, the kids and I, now on our way home. Halfway down our block I noticed a large pile in the boulevard. As we got closer I started to identify items: hamster cage, fish tank, old Tupperware, boxes full of items, a lamp…..and then, there it was; the lopsided pink chair.

The kids said “no, you can’t take it”. I said “it’s only 4 more houses”. They wouldn’t go for it.

That pink chair haunted me-all evening. I made a plan. As soon as it was dark enough I would go for it. Now I had to pray no one else would take it.

Darkness came, no one outside, time to go for it. My first mistake was not informing the kids. I snuck out. At that time the kids had a radar if I moved out of my boundaries, they knew.

I made it to the end of the driveway when I heard it “MOM? MOM?!”. Are you out there? MOM?

Before I could speak, the neighbors lights were on and Dave was at the door asking “What’s going on?”

“Great, foiled yet again” I thought. I turned to both of them and said “I am going down to that pile of stuff and taking that pink chair”.

The pink chair became a passion. I thought about what I could do next. I looked forward to the moments I could steal away. When I couldn’t get time to work on it, I thought about what I could do next. I looked forward to the moments I could steal away. When I couldn’t get time to work on it, I would just look at it. New ideas emerged. It wasn’t until the last leg of the chair that I felt devoid of ideas. That leg took longer than any other part of the chair.
Finally it was done and I was happy. I painted more chair, then bowls, and soon it was whatever spoke to me next: rocking elephants, zebras, tables, cabinets…

Then I dabbled in different mediums, polymer clay, rubber stamps, precious metal clay, jewelry, beads, cement sculpture, mosaics, needle felting, collage, poly resin, wood burning… I played with each medium as long as I wanted, and I had a lot of fun learning about each one. Yes, I made a lot of mistakes but that seems to be my learning style; and I accept it. Usually, I save my mistakes to use later.

If I think back to my first creative spark, it might have been something as simple as a young child picking up a flattened pine cone and seeing that it would make a great tail. The spark has always been there, but I haven’t always acknowledged it. I don’t know when it happened, sometime in college maybe. Maybe I was too busy, stressed out, distracted, broke, or whatever, but I forgot to create.

Whatever it was that stopped me, the passion to create laid dormant in me until that lopsided pink chair.

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