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One of these boxes could provide just the right accent on a table or dresser.

  • This box is an old message box that would be found outside the door.
  • It is approximately 4" x 6"
  • The 'slice' above is from the door of the box at the right.

slice top_106
  • Above are enlargements from the box at the right.
  • Mixed media, pant, decoupage, clay.
  • 9"x4"x6"

framed work
  • "The Butterfly House" at the right is sealed and finished for outdoor use.
  • The image above shows detail from the box at the right.
  • 3"x3"x17"

framed work
The image above shows the "mosaic" of the top of the box at the right looks like glass, but it is actually paper. 5"x5"x3"

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